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COBRA Administration

Our administration of COBRA and HIPAA includes:

Initial setup

  • We create a secure place on our web site for each client
  • We create a database of current participant information
  • We contact current participants directing all benefits related communications to us

Performance Standards

  • 24 hour work turnaround
  • Experienced benefits administrators provide OneCall™ service
  • Absolute compliance with laws, regulations and court decisions
  • Client indemnification from IRS/DOL assessments

Administration Services

  • All required notices including the Initial Notice to new employees
  • Premium collection using convenient coupons for prompt payment
  • Same business day eligibility change notice
  • Next business day qualifying event notice to all eligible qualified beneficiaries
  • Notification to qualified beneficiaries of any plan changes
  • Weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual reporting to employer
  • Termination and conversion notice 180 days prior to end of COBRA
  • HIPAA certification for active and COBRA coverage
  • Eight year record retention and retrieval


  • Benefit Plan Design and Document Preparation

  • Flexible Spending Account Administration (FSA)

  • Health Reimbursement Account Administration (HRA)

  • Premium Only Plans (POP)

  • Non-Discrimination Testing

  • COBRA Administration

  • FMLA Premium Billing

  • STD/LTD Premium Billing

  • Personal Leave Premium Billing

  • Retiree Premium Billing